Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 16: Apple Orchard Bakeries

Discover how Hendersonville, North Carolina’s best known food, the humble apple, is transformed into delicacies like apple cider donuts and fried apple pies. See how far Justus Orchards has come, through the help of their bakery, since they got into the agritourism business in the 1990s.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 15: Hendersonville Corn Mazes

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s family friendly fall harvest activity, the corn maze, which isn’t quite as simple as it sounds to create. Hear a little about how corn mazes got started and eventually made their way to Hendersonville’s own Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard, and how the corn maze plays into the larger picture of the seasonal operation at Stepp’s.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 14: The Saluda Grade

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s unique history of train travel on the Saluda Grade as told by model railroad and train history enthusiast, Larry Morton. This was the steepest mainline stretch of tracks in the country, which posed a challenge both in the creation of the railroad and in steam engine trains safely traveling in and out of the Western NC mountains. Hear about the runaway trains and crashes that took place on the Saluda Grade over the years.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 12: The Dahlia Garden at Bullington Gardens

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Dahlia Garden at Bullington Gardens. Here, you’ll find 600 dahlia plants blooming from early August until the first frost, around mid-October. The flowers range in size from 2 to 12+ inches across, the plants from 1 to 8 feet tall. People love these dahlias because they’re beautiful and the gardens are free, but also because of the memories this ancient flower can evoke.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 11: Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

Discover the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, located just a few miles down the road from Hendersonville. What used to be a motorist bridge was transformed into a pedestrian bridge with lush gardens and lots of artwork. This free attraction offers peace and serenity close to town, educational opportunities, and has become an attraction in its own right in recent years.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 10: Hendersonville’s Summer Camps

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s long history of summer camps. For more than 100 years, overnight camps have been a big business in America, and one of the largest concentration of them is right here in the Hendersonville area! Learn about this interesting history from Ed Bell, whose family owned an operated multiple camps, and who actually grew up on one!


Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 9: The McClintock Clock

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s McClintock Clock. This huge, ornate clock has helped keep Hendersonville ticking since its installation in 1927. Though it saw a time when it wasn’t running properly, restoration projects in the 1990s and 2010s helped to return this huge clock to its former glory, and it now serves as a fine example of this high-end brand of clocks, which were popular in small towns all over the USA in the 1920s through 1940s.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 8: Main Street’s Mosaic Mural

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s unique, smalti style mosaic, which is one of many free, public art installations you’ll find in the downtown area. This 18 by 18 foot piece of art is called “Nature in North Carolina,” and was designed and installed by Ukrainian artist, Vasiliy Polevoy in 1993.


Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 7: Hendersonville’s History of Tourist Homes

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s history of tourism as told through the memories of Betty Jackson Baker, who spent much of her childhood at her family’s Hendersonville Tourist Home, The Jackson House. She tells listeners of a time when people came to Hendersonville on the train, there was a downtown horse stable, and folks dressed in their Sunday best to attend the evening’s auction for entertainment.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 6: Paddling In The Hendersonville Area

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s rivers, which range in difficulty from easy Class I rapids on the French Broad River up to the extremely difficult Class V rapids on the Green River’s world-renowned section, “The Narrows.” The wide variety of difficulty levels and proximity to rivers throughout the region make Hendersonville a paddler’s paradise.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 5: The Hendersonville Farm Market Trail

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Farm Market Trail, a guide to the 100-year-old Curb Market and four farmers markets. Immerse yourself in the fresh produce, baked goods, fresh flowers and sense of community you’re sure to find at each location.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 4: The Blue Ridge Craft Trails

Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Craft Trails, organized by the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. The Southern Appalachian region is rich in an arts culture that stems from when the Cherokee roots native to the area collided with African and European influences that were brought here. Many of those historic skills and styles are still practiced today, and these trails lead you to many talented artists throughout the area.

Hendersonville Travelogue Episode 3: The Quilt Block Trail


Discover Hendersonville, North Carolina’s Quilt Block Trail, a collection of barn quilts or quilt blocks that adorn homes, barns and businesses throughout the Hendersonville area. These blocks pay homage to the area’s agricultural and art roots, and are a fun, free way to explore Hendersonville.