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As you plan your fall mountain get-away, your window of opportunity is larger than you think.  The peak leaf color season lasts from early October to mid-November depending on where you are.  No matter what week of leaf season you arrive, peak fall color is close by.  The western North Carolina Mountains provide a variety of elevations, from the highest peaks to the warm, gently rolling foothills.   The opportunities are plentiful to witness spectacular fall color and beautiful mountain vistas.  The colorful show doesn’t stop there, events, outdoor recreation, scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and bountiful roadside apple and produce stands complete your fall mountain experience. Download a Self-Guided Scenic Hikes & Drives Guide

Henderson County is the largest apple-producing county in North Carolina. The apple harvest runs from late August through October. Fresh apples, cider and other items may be purchased from the many roadside apple markets located throughout Henderson County. Some orchards offer tours, wagon rides, baked goods, a corn maze, pumpkins patches, and allow you to pick apples. The most widely grown apples are Fuji, Gala, Rome Beauty and Galas. Download a Crest of the Blue Ridge Apple Orchard Guide